Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Quilt Guild Meeting - Quilters by the Sea Guild

I was shocked that four days before the big quilt show that there would actually be quilts shown at our monthly guild meeting, especially since the meeting was on a holiday!  This is another quilt by Betty V. who has to be the most prolific quilter in the guild.  Just stunning!!

This guild is very active in a number of community service activities including Neonatal Quilts, Habitat for Humanity quilts and Quilts of Valor for injured serviceman.  I counted about eight Neonatal quilts and 16 Quilts of Valor shown during the meeting!!  How appropriate for Memorial Day.  Hands up for the ladies of Quilters by the Sea Guild!

One of the many neonatal quilts.  A simple pattern but putting it on the diagonal makes it a lot more interesting!

The rest of the quilts were just some of the Quilts of Valor that were shown.  I still haven't gotten the ladies to hold them up for too long but they were better when showing off these quilts!!

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