Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Trip to the Seneca Park Zoo

Although I have done one quilt with lilies, I always take pictures as I am sure I will do another one some day.  I love these colorful lilies.  When I was a kid, we had a lily that would always send out its first bloom on my birthday.

This is one of the two cubs born a couple of years ago at the zoo.  If you look closely at his body, you  can see the faint spots that the cubs always have.  He was a beautiful animal!!  His sister was nearby with mom and her spots were more defined still.  This big boy dragged this huge bone everywhere with him!!

Although I see lots of alligators down in NC, this one was wide awake unlike most of the zoo animals!!  Definitely prehistoric looking, isn't he?

The baboons were very playful as usual.  I saw lots of them in Africa and they are very destructive -- they climbed all over the car we were driving.

I never tire of the raptors even in captivity.  This is a Bald Eagle that had been injured but found this good home.

The Snowy Owls were all over up north here while I was in NC -- they even traveled as far as Florida this  year but I didn't seem them in the wild so this will have to do!!

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