Saturday, August 9, 2014

After QBL - August RAFA Meeting

This is a group picture of the ladies who belong to a small sub group in RAFA.  There are several of theses groups which have met for some time now.  This group seems to concentrate on finding art shows and then challenging themselves to create pieces inspired by the pieces in the show in a 12 x 12 format.  They do a wonderful job.  Sadly, even when I was here all the time, I was never asked to join any of these groups...

It is always fun to go to the meeting our Rochester Area Fiber Artists group has as many of the members have just come back from classes at Quilting by the Lake (QBL).  I used to call it summer camp for adults and it was fun.  They no longer allow any picture taking in classes or at the show so I have opted not to attend for several years now.  I have had at least one class with most of the teachers I really liked and really grew from the experience and met lots of nice people but no picture taking drove me crazy.  

This is a closeup of the piece done by Ann H
This was done by our very talented Val Shultz who is a master machine quilter!!
This one is done by Elaine.

This was a piece done by Sue D as part of a class at QBL.  It is one of two beautiful pieces she did (I believe the class was Rosalie Dace and used Kandinsky as the inspiration).  This was one of my favorites of the day.  There were several other really gorgeous pieces that the ladies asked that no photographs be taken.

Pat and Donna attended an Ann Johnston class (her website is in my side bar and she is easily one of my favorite teachers).  They loved working with the thickened dyes and did many pieces, some of which I show below! Pat is one the left and Donna on the right.

Janet took a class with Elizabeth Busch (she said her third time).  I took this class many years ago and was my introduction to painting with acrylics on fabric.  Elizabeth is another of those wonderful teachers that helps you develop.  Of course I am sure Janet was a star in the class!!!  Hope she finishes these all up.  She does wonderful machine quilting.  

I really liked the lines and colors in this one.  She had a couple of other pieces as well.  She is not only very talented but also prolific!!

Marcia who runs our FB page, just keeps getting better and better at her art pieces.  I really liked this one!!

Debra has a lot of beds to cover so she just completed this quilt and had Val Schultz quit it for her.  Wonderful use of the hand dyed fabric

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