Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More Gorgeous Weather!!

On the nice days, this is how I can generally be found.  This is my daughter's kitty but my kitties are now making themselves home on the porch.  There is of course a book in my hand!

I try to get out for a walk most days although my ankle has been really fussy this last week.  A beautiful Snowy Egret was sitting on the dock a few days ago.

A Tri-colored Heron joined him.

This is the first Ruddy Turnstone I have seen this  year.  He has his winter coat which isn't as spectacular as his summer one.

Although he was far away, I spotted this Northern Harrier out over the marsh behind the Museum at Ft. Fisher.  You can tell by the bright white stripe across the tail.

There have been Eastern Phoebes consistently by the Museum despite all the work they are doing replacing fences.

I don't think I ever published a picture of my quilt from the Mineral Show last year.  It was inspired by a rock which I promptly misplaced.  With help from my dear husband, I glued on rocks that I had gotten over the years.  It was to show geological strata.

I continue to make progress on this quilt although I am not crazy about it at all but I am a finisher and feel compelled to actually make quilts that I can use on the beds.  I figure with all the white, this is a good beach quilt for one of the queen sized beds.  I already pretty much know how I am going to quilt it.  I don't care for the pattern though I must say -- a little bang for a lot of buck (work).  Maybe after it is quilted, I will like it better -- so much for the modern quilts!

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Sandy said...

Actually, I really like it!
Sandy in the UK