Sunday, November 9, 2014

Just a Few Birds

This is the sunset the other night as seen from my porch.  Lately the skies have either been too clear or too cloudy for good sunset pictures.  One of these days it will be just right and I will head down to Ft. Fisher for pictures!  Speaking of Ft. Fisher, I stumbled upon them making a new Nicholas Sparks movie the other day when down there -- there were cables everywhere so I suspect it was going to be a night scene as it was late in the afternoon.

We haven't had any good low tides lately so the birds have been sparse (although my best day was at high tide -- go figure).  My Oystercatchers are back and they are definitely going to be a quilt one of these days as they are just so graphic.

There have also been some Willets mixed in with the Oystercatchers lately.

Here you can see the distinctive wing patterns on the willet which you can't see when they are just standing there!

This is the first of my winter birds that I saw in the big pond behind the aquarium.  It is a Bufflehead and soon there will be flocks of them sitting in the ocean but this little fellow was alone and in the pond.

There were two Pied-billed Grebes there as well way off in the distance.  I didn't see the big alligator this time.

One of the Pied-billed Grebes and the Bufflehead were swimming together for a bit.

Just an update on the x's and o's quilt.  Finally I have at least got more than half together.  I have the individual units for the rest of it and will be very thankful when this quilt is done as it is far far from my favorite although hopefully it will look good on a bed when it is quilted.

For the next week my daughter and granddaughter from Seattle are visiting!  My other daughter even flew back early from Korea to join us!  I have some tired visitors though as jet lag is getting to them all!

Amelia really likes playing with the pipe cleaners and drawing.

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