Friday, November 14, 2014

A Visit from My Children and Grandchild!!

My youngest daughter and my granddaughter came out from Seattle for a visit to grandma and grandpa this past week.  Unfortunately the weather was not as good as it could have been but we did have a couple of days when we got to see some of the sights around Wilmington.  This was from a visit to Greenfield Lake Park where we hoped to spot some alligators out of the water but no luck.  The Cypress trees are beginning to change color so it made for some very pretty scenery.  There were flocks of cormorants and several American Coots that had migrated down as well as some ducks of suspicious origins!

The whole family minus grandma at the end of the walk!

Amelia is 5 1/2 and likes to sew clothes for her dolls so grandma happily supplied her with some fabrics, scissors and a needle and thread so her kitty now has a new dress.

My daughter Lisa is the original family photographer and does nice portraits -- much better than I do!  This is a closeup of Amelia who does pose for the camera (although usually making some sort of silly face).

Aunt Lisa and Amelia really enjoyed each other as they both spent much time teasing each other -- a family tradition!

Amelia was particularly enraptured with her grandpa!!

We spent one afternoon at the NC Aquarium which is right down the street from the house.  Amelia really likes aquariums and this is a nice size for her.  These are the moon jellyfish which are what wash up on our beaches.  They look much prettier floating around in the tank!

Amelia posing outside on the frog with her new stuffed seal!  Lisa had given her a stuffed seal the last time she visited so now he has company.

Amelia, Suzanne and dear husband posing in front of the fish sculpture at the aquarium.

Just another view of the foliage with the Spanish moss on the cypress at Greenfield Lake Park.

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