Friday, November 28, 2014

November Monthly Meeting of Quilters By the Sea Guild

Show and Tell is always the best part of the meeting!  I loved this kitty quilt.  All the fabrics that make up the kitties are kitty fabrics as well!

Two of the quilts that are made for Habitat for Humanity.  This Guild does so much for the different charities they support.

Another of the Habitat quilts.

These are fabrics that were dyed in my class in September.  She was very pleased with the results and will use the bright ones for a quilt.

I loved this beautiful jacket.  Very organic.

The front of the jacket!

This is a quilt from a former cross-stitcher.  She incorporated one of her older cross-stitched panels in the middle.  Loved the colors and the design.

This was a fun pumpkin quilt!

I think Miranda did a wonderful  job of incorporating some blocks she did years ago into a very pleasing composition.  Loved the way she used the reds.

I always love a good scrap quilt and really liked this one  begun in an Augusta Cole class.  The Guild  has sponsored her classes a number of times as she always has fun scrap quilts.

No November meeting would be complete without at least one Christmas-y quilt!  This was a very fun one with a scrappy look!


Quazar said...

That kitty quilt is simply wonderful. I love all the different fabrics! It makes the cat lover in me dance.

kathy said...

I especially love that jacket, but ALL the quilts are beautiful! I wish I could be there to see it all in person.