Thursday, September 3, 2015

September RAFA Meeting -- My Last until Spring

I had to feature this quilt first as it uses one of my mandalas in the center.  This quilt was by Val Schultz and was a "purple challenge".  I was particularly interested in the way she quilted it as she is a fabulous machine quilter (it is her business).  This was one of the 8-fold pieces.

You can see some of the quilting in this blowup of the piece.  

The theme for today seemed to be photographs on fabric.  This is one by Elaine which features the center of a hibiscus (a really pretty one).

This is Elaine showing another piece she had done -- this one a part of the Klimt challenge that her small group had.  I really like this one!

Liz also shared a piece done from a photo she took.  Jullie has been busy!!

A few months ago, Donna offered everyone the opportunity to take a plain white table cloth she had gotten from someone's estate (a very large group of them) and transform it into a garment.  Caris Burton was the first to get hers done and this is it.  She dyed her piece two different colors of brown and used a commercial pattern to construct it.

I haven't done anything with mine yet but have lots of time.  I did dye Janet's fabric for her.  She requested turquoise so I did half of her tablecloth (and it was HUGE) in plain turquoise and then half adding a bit of intense blue to the turquoise.  Both turned out really evenly dyed.  I used really warm water and let them sit for several hours instead of my usual hour (turquoise likes more time and a lot hotter bath).

Our very own Mari Wieser modelled it for us!

Donna showed this jacket which was made with mud cloth strips.  Beautiful job!!  She used every scrap and had a tote to match it as well!

Sarah T has been hosting a design challenge each month and last month I was not able to attend because of visitors.  They worked on stitching.  She does gorgeous needlepoint and this was her example.  It is about 8 inches square.

Janet R shared this piece that she begun in a class with Rosalie Dace who is a group favorite!  

Sue D also shared a couple of pieces that she had Julie print!!  She has been taking a year long photography course which sounded fantastic!!

Sue and Beth K had recently returned from visiting former RAFA members in Ft. Collins Colorado.  They all made these large totes to commemorate the visit.  I made several of these in a smaller size several years ago,

I  only will be doing a couple more days of dyeing as my trip to Hawaii is fast approaching (two weeks away) and I will be leaving for NC a couple of days after I get back.  So suitcases need to be packed and "stuff" organized for my NC trip.  At least the house is in fairly good order (including my sewing room which is a change).  I am working on the thread painting of my birds and hopefully will have at least a couple of those done before leaving as well.  I would like to hang the up down at the beach as they are local Kure Beach birds!

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