Saturday, August 29, 2015

Another Day of Creating Mandalas

This is a collage of six of the pieces that I did the other day.  I used sun yellow, golden yellow, strong orange, basic brown and a touch of grape to create these.  You never know what  you will get.  These all sat together and you can see how different they are.

This and the following three images were done the other day with some extra wide fabric I got from a supplier in Arkansas.  It was supposed to be PFD and I had excellent luck with the narrower version but even though the fabric feels the same, the colors are much more pastel.  I may try scrubbing it to see if I get better results although I kind of like these pastel pieces even though a lot of dye is wasted!

I like the more vibrant colors I got with these other pfd fabrics.  I had tested them the other day as I had no idea whether they were pfd or not.  Several of these are a sateen that I bought (not cheap) on speculation that it would dye well.  It didn't disappoint!

The rest of the pictures are from this same batch.  

Last but not least, I finally finished two purses using some of my mono-printed fabric (using a heavy bottom weight fabric) and the pseudo suede that I bought with my sister last spring down in Wilmington.

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Susan E. J. White said...

Your colors are just beautiful!