Monday, August 3, 2015

More Mandala Dyeing -- Lots More!!

Well, still at it and having soooo much fun!!  However, they are more than unpredictable!!  I never know what is going to work well and what isn't.  I can't even figure out whether the fabric I am using now is mercerised or not!  The colors seem lighter but they still look good.  This one batch came out really well.  I have pieces from two different batches here and won't attempt to put them all up!

This is a collage of six blue/green pieces from my second day of dyeing.  All are the smaller 22" x 22" size.  This time I used the "drop" cloths underneath and did scrunch them a bit instead of letting them lie flat.

These used a combination of brown, black and some orange.  Can't see much of the effect of the black though!

 These next three pieces are the drop cloths that were underneath the mandalas.  These were random pieces of Egyptian cotton left from my old Joanns purchases.  It was great fabric and too bad they don't have it anymore as it dyed like a dream!

 These following pieces were done together in one batch and I think are among my favorites.  I threw on all sorts of color!

This is just a half yard of one of the drop cloths from this last batch.  You can see how bright the colors are!

This is also showing another half yard section.

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Sue said...

Wow, just wow Beth. They're all beautiful but those last few are gorgeous!