Monday, July 27, 2015

UFO Project Time - I am a Compulsive Finisher!!

I found quite a number of half finished projects from classes and leftover blocks from quilts finished years ago.  This was one from an one of our club fall retreats.  I have the original quilt down at the beach.  I had intended this to be a comfort quilt (quilts the club donates to various charities) but may keep as a quilt for the beach.  All basted and ready to machine quilt.  I did feather wreaths in the other one and can't decide what to do in this one -- maybe the same!

This and the following quilt are definitely comfort quilts.  I have been using up all the random pieces of batting that I have accumulated for years on these projects as well.  This one has zoo animals in the stack and whack hexagons.  They are both all machine quilted and bound (dark green binding as well).  The border is made up of the fabric used in the stack and whacks for both as well.

This one uses a flower print.  These last two pictures were from my phone so not as good as some of the others.

This was a top donated by someone in the club many years ago for Katrina victims.  I sent a whole bunch of quilts down but didn't get this one done so it will now be a comfort quilt.  You can see simple cross quilting and I have yet to sew the binding down (yes, I still do this by hand as I really like doing it that way).

These are the leftover blocks from a quilt I did probably 20 years ago.  I am going to put a black and white border around it. These quilts are all about 44 inches wide and 54 inches long.

This was a pre-cut set put together by our Comfort Quilt people.  It was in the estate of another quilt club member and I finally got around to putting it together.  It had solid light pink fabric for the border and it went terribly.  This isn't a lot better but is an improvement and from stash fabric I was giving it away!  I still have to iron it, baste it and then machine quilt it.  I am going to do feathered hearts in the centers (they are large).  I will use white thread in the pink and pink thread in the patterned fabric.  I will also do stitch in the ditch to hold it together.  

This is the third quilt I did out of blocks I cut using "5 Easy Pieces".  I have started the machine quilting on this one. Basically I am free hand quilting circles in each of the four block areas.  If you look closely, you can see the starts in the corner blocks.  I wasn't sure whether I wanted to do this in all the blocks but after putting it on the design wall, decided it was the best choice.  Have no idea what I will do with this one as I have two already and was contemplating giving one of those away.  It looks a little bright for a comfort quilt!  I do love the fabric I selected for the back -- a bright tulip fabric with lots of lime green in it.  I also have a large bag of lime green to dark green variations of this block as well that aren't quite finished!  

There is still at least one more comfort quilt that I have to baste yet that is not pictured here so you can see I have been busy!!

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