Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The End of the Petal Quilt and some RAFA Pics

 It has been awhile since I posted as I have been very busy trying to get some order in my sewing room.  My dear husband decided to clear out our guest bedroom of everything I had stored there and I am left trying to find homes for tons of "stuff" sewing related of course!!  I have already given away 100s of paperbacks, sold fabric and vintage quilt tops.

I did finish the petal quilt though on my Bernina and I was relatively pleased with how it turned out.

This shows a closeup of some of the quilting I did.  There are feathers in all the dark green and purple areas as well as some of the white areas.  I did big suns in the setting triangles.

 A group of the ladies from RAFA got together and had an indigo dyeing day and this and following pictures show just some of the many pieces they did!  It looks like a lot of fun and I may just have to try it some time!

 Donna did a matching jacket and tshirt!

A couple of tshirts in the middle here!

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