Saturday, June 27, 2015

Progress on the Petal Quilt

As a quilt associate said, if it appears in my backyard, it gets its picture taken and I love Pileated Woodpeckers.  He started on our wood pile and then moved next door to sit on the top of this tree stump.  I was quite a distance away but the picture came out pretty well!!  So far this season, I have seen Red-bellied, Pileated and Downy Woodpeckers in the backyard.  Years ago, I saw about every kind of woodpecker native to our area back there in the wintertimes.  We have a LOT of trees back there and our neighbor keeps his feeders full!

I have continued to work on the Petal quilt, trying to get in some machine quilting each day.  I had a mild recurrence of an old whiplash injury which bothered me for a couple of weeks and that kept me from doing any quilting as I was trying to be gentle on my poor neck and was wearing a cervical collar.  I am back at it now and hopefully will be done before next week rolls around.  I am doing a LOT of quilting in this piece!  This is basically a quarter of it.  It is a queen sized quilt and I don't have a nice wall big enough to show the whole thing!!

This is a closeup where you can see what kind of quilting I am doing.  All the extended hexagons are getting feathers in them.  The background of the stars is swirly lines and the backgrounds of the flowers (the orange pieces) are getting arches.  In all the square pieces I have quilted more flowers.  Doing the feathers is my favorite part!

This is a random ice dyed piece from last summer that I found and hadn't even ironed yet.  It was made when I was doing just folds (but not around a center point like I do with the mandalas) and is about a yard and a half long.

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MarchAnn said...

Beth, the quilting looks so nice on that quilt. Doing this kind of quilting is on my to do list. Love the fabric it all looks great.