Monday, June 1, 2015

My Backyard Visitor

This lovely doe decided to visit our backyard the other day.  At first she was in the front yard and dashed over to the neighbors.  A little while later she was again in our backyard nibbling on the undergrowth (and not my husband's hibiscus!).  When I went out to take her picture, she just stared at me and didn't move -- the old "deer in headlights" phenomenon!  Look at those eyelashes!

She peeked around the tree at me making sure I wasn't getting any closer.  

I kept edging over until I could get an unobstructed view.  Unlike many of the neighborhoods around here, we don't really  have a deer problem -- just an occasional visitor.  This lady did come back yet again with her fawn in tow.  I figured she had recently given birth from looking at the pics closeup.  Our next door neighbor saw her nursing later that evening.  She hasn't been back since but she sure looks nice and healthy!

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