Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Neighborhood Wanderings...

We don't have to go to the tree peony gardens anymore as our neighbor has planted several gorgeous specimens in his wonderful gardens in back!!  These were a deep cranberry color.

This was one of many bright rose colored ones.

Here is a closeup of one of the single white ones -- really pretty!

I have been seeing this bird quite frequently in the front yard and believe it is an Eastern Phoebe although I don't see the tail flicking behavior so I may have guessed wrong.  It sits either on a large stalk, in the cherry tree or on this lawn ornament of my neighbor's.

I always have my camera next to me while I read outside on a nice day (okay, almost always and inevitably when I don't have it I see a hummingbird closeup or a Baltimore Oriole!!). 

 This is a Brown-headed Cowbird.  I had seen a juvenile earlier this year.

A Mourning Dove landed on the roof next door.

Way off in the distance in the sky I spotted this hawk.  I lightened him up with software and I am pretty sure he is a Red-tailed Hawk!!  We see a lot of both Red-shouldered and Red-tailed.  I have seen him before but this is the first time I have managed a snapshot.


Gail Baker said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful! I have terrible lens-envy!!

Linda said...

Absolutely gorgeous!