Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Day with Marcia and Priscilla!!

A drop dead gorgeous day here and I got to spend it out in the country with two good friends -- Priscilla Kibbee and Marcia DeCamp.  Priscilla has moved quite a distance to downstate so it was great to see her looking so chipper!  I was greeted by this beautiful quilt featuring nine of the molas that Priscilla has gotten from Panama.  She periodically visits and comes back with these wonderful pieces and sells them both on ebay and at quilt shows.  She, of course, offers them to us and I own far too many!!  Val Schultz did a beautiful job on the machine quilting on this piece.

Now I have to thank Marcia for the pictures taken on her Iphone 6 as despite bringing two cameras with me, I had dead batteries in both!!  I also forgot to bring my smart phone as backup!!  I am impressed with the quality of the pictures for sure!

Priscilla also showed us this beautiful embroidered textile she got from her last trip to Guatemala -- it is even more stunning in person -- the colors and it is just an inspiration for a quilt I think!!

Priscilla was working on an "envelope quilt" and got quite a bit accomplished today.  This was just the beginning!

I finally had a wall big enough to put up the quilt I did down at the beach to which I have added the border now.  I am pleased with how it looks as I bought the border fabric without having the quilt or any of the fabric with me!!  My job for today was to baste this quilt so I could get to the machine quilting.

Marcia captured me trying to get the basting done.  Her setup is perfect for this and I was glad to have the opportunity to do it.  I also managed to cut out two purses using some of my dye painted fabric from years ago.  Now to get to work.  

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