Monday, May 25, 2015

Just Can't Stop Myself!!

Another day of trying to do the smaller pieces with a lot of changed variables this time.  I worked primarily with the 22" x 22" pieces as I thought these would be more manageable to use in a bigger piece.  The main variable that was changed this time was the amount of time these sat before I nuked them -- 36 hours as opposed to the 6 or so hours that I usually use.  Usually I remove the ice before nuking them as the dye has hit already and there is nothing but clear ice left (usually just a few pieces).  I got very intense colors and I know I didn't use any more dye than usual -- probably less as a matter of a fact.  I usually only layer the ice very shallowly (I think most people use a lot more than I do).  This was probably my favorite piece.

You can see that I used the same colors again -- intense blue, blue violet and strongest red as well as some very very old lemon yellow which I don't use anymore.  I have been trying to get rid of some of my oldest dyes doing the snow dyeing.  This was definitely a primary colors palette.

Like a true kaleidoscope, you never know how the splashes of color will arrange themselves!

As before, most of the pieces were folded into hexagon shapes but I decided to try a couple of eight sided figures as well this time.  This was the more successful one.

I liked this one except for the very center where there is obviously more color on one side.  Perhaps I will cut this one into pieces and rearrange so that at least the darker pieces are opposite one another!!  This is also an eight-sided piece.

I purposely made this one way off center to see if it would make a good stand alone piece and it is moderately successful I think!

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