Saturday, May 9, 2015

RAFA May Meeting -- Glad to be Back!

This was my first meeting since last fall and it was good to be back even though a lot of familiar faces were missing and probably will be missing at the next meeting as well!  I believe this piece was done as a result of a class held at GVQC and Caris did this one of a waterfall in California from a photo she had taken.

Julie was in the same class and did this lovely piece!!

Donna shared several of her jackets but this was my favorite which was done in fabric .  created by another artist.  Pictures don't do it justice!

Anne has been receiving a lot of recognition for her exquisite felted works.  Here she is modelling a cape she had done.

Here are two sets of warmers she also had finished. The link to her website is  Anne Fischer's Felted Garments.  There are many stunning garments there!

Many of us were fresh back from our winter snowbird environs and Diane shared a piece she constructed with her winter guild down in Arizona.  It sounded like a fun group project!

Barb was fresh back from Florida and shared this quilt she constructed for a grandchild.  Really nice!

Elaine showed this triptych she did from photos taken in Florida and shared that it could be seen in the Houston show this fall as part of a Jane Dunnewold exhibit!  Yeh, Elaine!!  

There were a number of other pieces that were shared but not photographed as people wanted to surprise visitors to the quilt show GVQC is having in early June.  The link  is  Genesee Valley QuiltFest.

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