Monday, May 18, 2015

GVQC May Meeting

It was my first meeting back in Rochester since September.  As our quilt show is in just a few weeks, I figured there would be nothing to  "show and tell" and didn't bring any of my newly finished quilts!!  Well, I was just plain wrong!  There were a tremendous number of Comfort Quilts (made for charity), none of which I got pictures of as they were moving pretty fast across the stage.  I don't know the name of the woman who did this fantastic bargello quilt but it was quite spectacular.  She quilted it with a feather stitch.

I really liked this quilt.

All the baskets in this quilt are embroidered!  It has a very 30's feel to it.

This was done from a wedding picture.  I couldn't tell what technique was used at all -- maybe applique??  It was quite large.

This was a beautiful felted shawl done by one of the club members.  Loved the colors!

Pat P showed this beautiful cross stitched quilt that was done by one of her aunts. 

There were many more quilts in the show and tell but it was very difficult to get good photos on Thursday.

This next series of quilts was done as part of a round robin that several members participated in.  A member would do the center and then successive people would add borders.  They are all so different!

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