Saturday, June 20, 2015

GVQC 2015 Quilt Show -- Part III -- Art Quilts

This quilt is called Disparity by Debra Roach and was one of my very favorites of the art quilts.  It was featured in the special recognition section of the quilt show because of its acceptance into a nationally recognized show.  I just loved it!

I have included the quilts here that I considered art quilts even though some of them did not land in the art quilt category.  Many times it is difficult to decide what category to put a quilt in and because of that many unique quilts get assigned to pieced categories even though they clearly are artist designed and not a pattern or a clone of another quilt.

I have included many but certainly  not all of my favorites by a long shot!!  Just too many to choose from!

This one and the next two are by Marcia Decamp.  This one is called Storm Clouds at Sunrise.  I believe these were all in the special recognition part of the exhibit as Marcia has gotten a lot of national recognition for her beautiful art quilts.

 This one is called Blue Squares.

This one is called Roundabout.

 This quilt and the next two are by Pat Pauly.  Pat's quilt incorporate many of her surface design work as well as commercial fabrics.  It is amazing to watch these pieces develop from vague ideas to complex compositions.  This one is called Leap of Faith.

This one is called Pink Leaf 2.

This one is called Pink Leaf 3.

This and the next two quilts are by Beverly Kondolf.  She also uses complex surface design fabrics. This one is called Wild Fermentation.

This one is called Rainy Monday in May.

This one is called April Snow.

Randall Cook had a number of pieces in the show.  These were wholecloth designs from his created fabrics.  

This is Released by the Day by Mary Wieser.

Several members of the RAFA group have design challenges periodically.  The next two pieces were inspired by the works of Kandinsky.  This one is by Sue Donovan and is simply Inspired by Kandinsky.

This one is My Kandinsky by Joyce Lyke.

This piece is called Agate Redux and was part of an exhibit at the Rochester Mineral Show where pieces were developed inspired by a mineral nicely donated by the group managing this exhibit.

 This and the following piece were done by Marcia Birken and inspired by her many travels.  This one is called Kata Tjuta Monolith in Australia.

This one is called Antartica Landscape - Gentoo Penguins Nesting.

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