Sunday, June 14, 2015

Iron Quilter

I am just beginning to recover from our quilt show last week!! My husband and I spent three hours photographing every quilt in the show.  The quilts were just spectacular.  My old whip lash injury has been bothering me all week, limiting my computer time.

Besides photographing all the quilts, I also participated in our Iron Quilter competition and a fashion show.  I decided to participate at the last minute as they didn't have enough people who were willing to do this.  It is a little scary as you don't get a theme until 10 in the morning) and then you have four hours to complete a quilt at least 18 x 18 inches, quilted and bound!!

The theme was the Lighter Side of the Universe (joy, happiness, humor).  I quickly grabbed up all the brightly colored pieces of fabric figuring I would think of something to do but those were happy colors.  We are allowed three pieces of fabric from home and any embellishments we want.  I always bring a white piece, a black piece and some neutral color.  This year I traded my usual black for a piece of marbled black fabric that already had Wonder Under on it, a part of which I had used on another quilt.  By the time I got back to my table, I had decided on fireworks using that fabric as the background.  I wasn't sure if I could carry it off as some people thought I was doing crabs!  

The surprise was that I got the Viewer's Choice Award (from our SRO audience) as well as the Judged Second Place.  I was thrilled and when I got home even happier when I went through my prize bag!!  Lots of gift certificates, scissors, batting, fabric!

Here I am working away in my very orderly fashion!!  This picture was taken unbeknownst to me!!

This is Ann Hawkins' piece with a cheerful moon.

This piece by Debi Duvall signifies her happy place at the beach at sunset sitting in a comfy chair.

This piece was done by Frances Dack.

Janet Root did this Wood Ducks piece as several have made their presence known in her yard lately which made her very happy!  (Would make me overjoyed!!)

This piece was done by Julie Grant-Smith and signifies her happy place.
 Mary Wieser did this cheerful  piece and it was LARGE.

Mary is working away on her piece here.

This piece was done by Sarah Terry and won first place in the judged part of the competition.

This piece was done by Liz Scott and was one of my favorites!

Sunday was the Fashion Show which is about 50 minutes long.  I had four garments in the show.  For those of you who have seen my blog, you probably have seen all four at one time or another -- the all silk jacket made this winter, the all hand dyed purple jacket, my red and black Las Vegas jacket and the mostly aqua jacket.  It is on Youtube now and you can view it by selecting GVQC Fashion Show.  It is a pretty well done video and does show all the garments.

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