Monday, June 15, 2015

2015 GVQC Quilt Show -- A Universe of Quilts Part 1

This blog entry will only contain SOME of the incredible appliqued quilts that were in the show.  I don't think there is a show in the country that would have as many hand appliqued and hand quilted quilts (athough not all pictured are hand quilted).  This was one of the favorites of everyone in the hand appliqued and quilted area.  It is Dreamtime by Antonia Hering and shows Australian aboriginal images.  Each of those thousands of dots is hand appliqued.

This is a closeup where  you can see the hand quilting as well.  WOW and it didn't even get first place!!

This is Murderskill Crossing by Janet Atkins and was another crowd favorite as well as a prize winner.

This and the following quilt are by Shirley Frew,  one of our very talented quilters.  This is called A Baltimore Christmas.

This one is called Wind in the Whiskers.

This is called A Halloween Baltimore Album by Linda Traynor.  I believe it was one of the prize winners as well.  All the winners can be seen on the GVQC Quiltfest website.

This and the two subsequent quilts were done by Irene Bow.  This one is called Baltimore Album.

This one is called Baltimore Garden.

This one is called Vintage Valentine.

This one is done by Toni Foster and is called Love at First Sight.  Toni has been recognized nationally for her fabulous quilts and is known for her hand quilting which she has taught all over the Rochester area.  Her workmanship and artistry has been well recognized.  I don't think she has ever done a quilt that hasn't overwhelmed me -- she adds a special something to even the most traditional of quilts.

This is Tomorrow's Treasures by Lorraine Enge.

This one is called Webster Album - I'm Not From Baltimore by Sandra Buckman.  You can tell the relative size of these quilts by looking at the tags on them whicchc are about 4 x 6 inches.  I have also tried to size the pictures with a little thought to that as well although the detail in some of them is so incredible, I blow them up as much as I can!!.

This one is called Uncommon Friend by Mary Christopher and combines piecing and appliqueing and I think is totally stunning!!!  Not only do I love the design but I love the colors as well.  Awesome quilt!!

This one is called Japanese by Pat Soule.

 The next four quilts were done by Chris Wickert who has taken the applique tradition of this quilt club to a whole new level, winning Best of Show at the Vermont Quilt Show two years in a row.  We had a special exhibit of prize winning quilts at the show and many of Chris's were included in those.  The above one is called My Version of a Persian and is all done in silk.

 This one is called Sampling the Silk Road.  Besides working in silk a lot, Chris hand quilts her quilts -- I don't think she sleeps....

This one is called Garlands and Hearts of Flowers and was in the judged part of the show.

This one is called Bijou Soie and was also in the special exhibit.  Besides the Vermont Quilt Festival, her quilts have been recognized in many other national quilt shows as well.

Another member of our club known nationally is Ruth Ohol who is famous for her fabulous machine quilting.  The above quilt called Many Waterlilies is an example of that as well as her wonderful applique (I don't know whether it is machine or hand applique though).  She had many quilts in our special exhibit of prize winning quilts.

I know there are beautiful applique quilts that I haven't included here but these were some of my favorites!!

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