Wednesday, June 17, 2015

GVQC Quilt Show - A Universe of Quilts - Part II - Pieced Quilts

This is Misdirected Peapod by Mary Wieser.  This is a simple one but love the use of color in this scrappy quilt.

This is another one by Mary Wieser that I really liked.  It is called Green Pieces.

Another one by Mary Wieser called Half Moon Quilt.  Again, I loved the colors and scrappiness.

This was a stunning quilt by Mary Christopher called Sunset Compass.

Another one by Mary Christopher and this one is called New Friendship and is just beautiful!

This one is called Spinning Wheel and it is by Nick Williams.  Look at all that wonderful quilting!

There were several quilts that used this pattern which I think is a Judy Niemeyer pattern which has been taught locally.  This one is called Hidden Stars by Linda Allen.

This is a different one and is called Prairie Star by Merilee MacWilliams.

This is Sylvia's Bridal Sampler by Nick Williams.

This is OMIGOSH by Trudi Hancock and loved the scrappiness and small pieces!

This is Round Robin by Doreen Hares.

This is Sunset Sunrise by Judi Robertson.  This is very much  my color palette.

This is Times Square by Sandra Buckman.

This is Bamboo by Betty Bufano and really liked its simplicity and may just do one of these!  It will definitely be in my Pinterest folder for scrap quilts!

This is Starry Night by Barb Seils -- a good use of color in this one as well!  Another one to add to my scrap folder!

This is Amish with a Twist and made by Nick Williams from a kit (which my sister is also doing so added this for her!)  It is a beautiful quilt.

These next two quilts were part of the Special Exhibits of nationally recognized quilts.  This one is by Chris Wickert and is called Homage.

This round quilt is called Nagano and was done by Janet Root.  I blew these last two quilts up to maximum size so you could see all the detail.  Both of these ladies are master quilters for sure!!

 This quilt is called Feathers Galore by Vickie Coykendall.  It is an incredible quilt and won Viewer's Choice out of the 600+ quilts that were exhibited.  I was afraid I hadn't taken a picture of this quilt but finally found it!  It also won a special recognition award from NQA as well as other awards!  Vickie is an incredible artist and the machine quilting in this quilt is exquisite although you can't see it very well in this photo.

 These next four are four more of the Prairie Star quilts.  This one is by Cynthia Barton.
This one is by Doreen Hoy.

This one is by Jewell Morgan.
This one is by Elsie Cond.

I know I missed many of the gorgeous quilts in this category and there were soooo many!  I tried to give recognition to some of my favorites.

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