Friday, July 17, 2015

Some Backyard Birds and the Design Wall!

I always have my camera outside when I am reading in the driveway and try to keep my eye open.  The other day this pretty House Wren visited just a few feet away.

I have seen tons of Goldfinches at the feeders but this one was up front in a nice spot.

 I really liked this Nuthatch which was flittering around on the tree nearby.

I visited my friend Janet and she had quite a few Orchard Orioles that were visiting her feeder -- they like the Hummingbird feeder best.  This was taken through her window!

This is my extra cluttered design wall where I try things out and just throw things up and sometimes see new combinations.  Since taking this picture I have already disassembled the green and brown scrap blocks and am now thinking of combining them with four bird applique blocks that I  bought from a fellow quilter during a quilt club sale.  The molas were some I uncovered which I had fully forgotten about and they are probably some of my favorites!!  I found a whole plastic bag filled with more molas to add to the ones I already had.  I may be having my own sale at some point!  The red piece at the bottom was a study done in a class many years ago where we were to use a gradation and do an improvisational piece.

 I found many bags of finished blocks, finished tops complete with backing, class studies.  I think there will be quite a few "comfort" quilts for giveaway before the year is out!  I had completely forgotten that I had some of these which I had carefully stored in plastic bags.  I know the reason I didn't finish them before was because I had already made one or two quilts using those blocks -- I tend to overachieve when making scrappy blocks!!!!  I also found three or four good sized bags of strips of varying widths as well as finished striped "yardage" made out of these strips.  Oh my....

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