Friday, August 7, 2015

August RAFA Meeting - Post QBL

Between Caren Betlinski and Janet R, there were so many beautiful pieces that they did in their classes with Katie Pasquini-Masopust and Cynthia Corbin, I decided to show them primarily as collages!  This was from the Katie class which was on working in series (which basically seemed to be the same for Cynthia's class!).  You had to bring in an  inspiration piece and then work from there.  The first picture is the inspiration piece and Caren developed closer and closer views of the City of Rochester picture through her series.  The last one in the series she didn't want photographed and was an even closer view and will have much of her famous thread painting!  She is a WONDERFUL artist!!

This was her series from the Cynthia Class.

This is a larger view of one of her final pieces from that class.  Beautiful colors and composition!

Again, this was her final piece form the class and I loved it as well!!

 Anne Fischer shared a couple of her beautiful felted vests.  They are just stunning in person!!  She has been receiving a lot of recognition for her work.

This is the back of the vest.

I really loved this onne and all the earthtones.  Each vest she does is more beautiful than the last one!!

Janet R was also in the Katie and Cynthia classes.  This was her series from the first class.  She brought a very limited pallette with her this time with mostly darks, blacks and grays.

This was the beginning of her series from the Cynthia class.  The final piece is pictured next (the collage just wouldn't work with the final piece in it).

Loved this piece as well!!  Just the right amount of green to perk it up!

One of the ladies (whose name I missed) did this wonderful scrap quilt from her children's clothing.  It has a lot of denim in it and is very heavy.  I have done this pattern and it is a great use for strips!

Another of our felters did these two wonderful textural scarves.  I wish I had the hands to do  this!!  I just love the work these ladies do!

Last but not least, another of our indigo dyers from last week!  I love this t-shirt!  It was double dipped.

There were a lot more pieces but people were moving pretty fast with holding things up so I missed quite a bit!  It was a great meeting as they always are after QBL.

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