Friday, October 30, 2015

A Trip to the Chihuly Museum in Seattle -- Part 1

One of my Bridge buddies on the ship suggested that we visit the Chihuly Glass Workshop in Tampa.  My son in law suggested that we visit the Chihuly Museum and Gardens in downtown Seattle instead as it was easier to get to.  I love Chihuly glass and welcomed the chance.  I will just post pictures from the inside of the museum in this post and the gardens tomorrow.  I think I took pictures of every piece in the museum -- they encouraged picture taking and even flash photography although I didn't use flash at all as the lighting was wonderful.  All these pictures were taken with my little Canon point and shoot!

Part of the seascape exhibit.

 These were all views of this room containing the sea objects.  It filled the whole room.  The last picture in the series was taken from the furthest back,

View from the end of the exhibit.  

 These next few were all chandeliers.

You can see the shadow of a person above to give you some perspective on the sizes.

 These two boats were filled with glass works!

I loved all the balls!  And the reflections!  These two boats filled a room!

There was a room filled with nothing but these bowls in all different colors.  Chihuly wanted to use every color available to him.  It was called the Macchia Forest.

I loved that the insides of the bowls in many cases were different from the outside.

Another of the bowls.

A ceiling between the rooms.
 A closeup of the ceiling.

Another closeup.

This was the ceiling heading outside to the gardens.  Suzanne rightfully wondered what would happen when there was a serious earthquake...

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