Thursday, October 29, 2015

 This is my youngest daughter Suzanne with her new haircut which I loved!!  She and her husband moved from DC to Seattle about eight years ago now.

This is my granddaughter Amelia playing dressup.  She tried on many outfits and wanted pictures of each one.  Here she is with her stuffed kitty.  Her daddy brought home another one later that day so she had two kitties!

She has on her tiger mask here in preparation for Halloween.  She is wearing one of the dresses I bought for her in Hawaii!

She was a chef in this picture and had to have all the accessories.

This is Roxy and she isn't happy unless all her people are gathered around her.  Her "parents" describe her as their second quite demanding child!!

They also have a kitty named Abby but she was quite camera shy!

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