Saturday, April 30, 2016

Home Again but a Few Birds Left from North Carolina

I upgraded a bit on my camera so went around the last few days at the beach and tried to catch some of my favorite birds.  This is of course an Oystercatcher in all his splendor.

The Painted Buntings have returned to Carolina Beach State Park but are hard to get pictures of!!

I managed to get one sitting on a tree branch at a real distance and think it is an immature one because of more mottling.

Practicing with my new camera and got this Forster's Tern in action.

This was way off in the distance -- just a pinpoint but was so small I took a picture.  I was surprised when I got home and determined it was a Least Tern which I had not seen before.  There were several flitting around.  They are frequent visitors to Wrightsville Beach but I hadn't seen them down in my neck of the woods before that day.

Counting down as this is my 999 post!!

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