Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Purses, Purses and More Purses!!

This is a collage of the most recent purses that I have completed.  Four of these use some of my marbled fabric, one uses commercial fabric and one uses a hand dyed fabric that I purchased from another dyer (upper right hand corner).  It was different than anything I had so I purchased it just to see if I wanted to do this.  It basically is dye powder sprinkled on a soda soaked surface which is at an angle so the stuff moves around.

This is a closeup of one of my favorites of the bunch.  Each of these purses uses a heavy duty pseudo suede in the handles, the bottom and on the sides of the purse.  Each purse (except for the one with the commercial fabric) has a zipper on top.  All have two zippered pockets inside and I believe I have solved the drooping problem by sewing the pocket to the lining instead of letting it just hand down from the zippered opening.  

This is also one of my favorites and utilized one of my favorite marbled fabrics.


Bette said...

I love the marbeling you've done. The purses came out really nice. Do you have a tutorial on your marbeling? If not what paint/ink did you use? After dipping in the color did you scrape off the goopy floating stuff or leave it until it dries? A bunch of us tried it but the colors kind of washed out on us.

Beth Brandkamp said...

I have done ton of marbling. I have used paints from ProChem in Mass but think that Golden paints are the best as they have the most pigment -- I suspect but don't know where ProChem gets their paints but think they might be from Golden as they are excellent also. Did you presoak your fabric in alum and dry it? Did you use methocellulose as your medium? After you do your fabric, you should then gently rinse it to get the goop off in just water, then dry it and iron it to make sure you have the paints set. Then you can seriously wash although best to do by hand and under no circumstances fold it. Don't dry in the dryer but hang to dry as dryers are the worst at causing fading of painted surfaces. After you have finished dipping of the piece, you use newspapers to skim off the gunk that remains on top on the edges. Clean it as best you can.

Bette said...

thank you so much for sharing. I think we used inks and yes put them in the dryer after final wash. It was so long ago I can't remember if we presoaked the fabric in alum. I should try this again using your suggestions.