Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fabulous Day of Birding at Friend Janet's House in Western NY

I went out to my friend Janet's house to pick up some fabric she wanted overdyed with the side intention of seeing some spring birds at her feeders.  Turns out she had a rare sparrow visitor in her backyard and had posted it on one of the bird sites for Western NY.  Well, I definitely had to share the window with any number of visitors from west of Buffalo to east of Rochester!!  This bird is a female Baltimore Oriole.  There were a lot of Baltimore Orioles and Orchard Orioles at her feeders,

Just updated with this beautiful Goldfinch.  There were lots of both female and male Goldfinches.

This is a male Baltimore Oriole.

Two of the Orioles made peace and were finally sharing the feeder.

It is been some time since I have seen numerous Blue Jays but there had to have been four or five at a time at one feeder!!
This was taken from quite  a distance through a window (as all the shots were) and is a Brown Thrasher.

This male Cardinal was so bright I didn't think anyone would believe this was the true color!!

This was a female Orchard Oriole which is yellow almost all over.

This and the next picture are of a male Orchard Oriole.  The only other time I have seen this bird was  on Sanibel Island in Florida during a "fallout" of birds.

Never have seen  Red-bellied Woodpecker sitting and eating like this.  He was chasing away the other birds by spreading his wings over the feeder surface.

Of course, a Ruby-throated Hummingbird which had a bright red throat when facing the sun the right way.

Song Sparrow.

There were a lot of the White-crowned Sparrows which I hadn't seen before so a new bird for me.

This and the next picture were taken from a great distance.  This is a White-throated Sparrow.  You can just barely see the little bit of yellow on his face and his bright white patch under his chin.

This was another new bird for me -- a Harris's Sparrow which isn't supposed to be in Western NY!  He hid most of the time but he was the draw for the large number of birders coming to Janet's house.  He has a black face and  a pink bill.  This was taken from  a great distance through a window!!

This female Cardinal posed with the spring blossoms in the background.

Day wouldn't be complete without  Brown-headed Cowbird.

And just for completeness, I added this Common Grackle.  We see the Boat-tailed ones at the beach.  Also saw lots of House Finches and House Sparrows as well but they are even too common for me to include!!

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