Monday, May 9, 2016

Perinton Quilt Guild 40th Anniversary Show

This was the 40th anniversary show of one of our local Rochester Guilds and it was really quite spectacular!!  The highlight of the show was the presentation of 50 red and white quilts.  This had been a challenge made by the president.  They were obviously all different sizes and a few of these follow.



There were a number of really well done quilts and I did get the names for a  lot of them as I know a lot of the people!!  This one was done by Pat Berardi who likes curves as  much as I do!!

This was done by Charlotte Winkelbauer from a kit.

This is a view of Crater Lake by Elaine Criswell.

This is Glacier Star by Beth Allen.  I am sure this is a Judy Niemeyer design.

I loved this piece by Janet Allmatt -- curves of course!!

This is a  piece by Jenna Darlak -- I believe I took a course from the woman that taught this pattern but I didn't make this one -- I really like the colors.

This and the next piece were kalaidoscopes done by Sue Parisi and I thought they were just spectacular and definitely my very favorites in the show.  One (or maybe both) with be featured in Paula Nadelstern's next book!!  Oh, what you can do with bilaterally symmetrical fabric and I may rethink getting rid of all of mine!!

Can you believe how beautiful these quilts are!!!!!

I was also very drawn to Mary Wieser's quilts, of which this is one!!  The next several were all hers.  She has such a wonderful sense of color and texture!!

I think this was my favorite of her quilts and was done for a recent RAFA exhibit on interpreting photographs into quilts.

These next three quilts I don't have names for but really liked them!

This one was huge and even with my small camera, I couldn't get the whole thing in the picture!!

This was a really spectacular quilt and the quilting was awesome -- I couldn't get a picture to give me the detail I wanted for the quilting though.

This was by Sherri Lasky and I really liked the colors and the simple but very effective design.

This was done by Vicki Coykendall who  is a fabulous artist!!

Last but not least is this tote bag which I really liked but done know whether I would have the patience to stuff all the tubes that make up the bag.  Not quite sure how she did that!!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I just love those red and white quilts - so much clever variety. I have to agree about that kaleidoscope quilt - it IS spectacular as is Glacier Star. It's been awhile since I've worked with kaleidoscopes per Paula's technique but remember well the fascination as the designs magically appeared.