Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Another One Finished and Starting on Number Three

I finally finished the second quilt in this series and am relatively pleased with it.  I felt much better about it when I added the white around the outside  Doing it again I would probably add some white around the large center mandala as well.  So  onward to the next iteration

Purple, orange and green is perhaps my favorite palette and this series of blocks was an attempt to get these in one dyed piece (not easy without getting a lot of mud!!).  These blocks seemed to go together the best.  First I thought I would just do all just as squares.

This quickly morphed to doing them all on point (aat least the little ones).  I actually have been using a tablet to sketch these out (after the fact so I can do the geometric calculations).  

This resulted in deciding that I would surround the center mandala with star points.  This was just random at hand fabric just to see how this would play out.  Again I went back to my tablet for some calculations and more drawing.

The tablet exercise convinced me that I should put the center ones on point nd leave the corners squared.  So on to auditioning true star points and the framing of the mandalas.  I feel compelled to surround them as they just look more finished to me that way.

I switched the purple and the orange in the borders and this feels calmer to me.  I m going to surround each of the individual smaller blocks as well with these colors and then I am choosing (so far....)  a very pale yellow/orange for the background of the smaller blocks.  We shall see what develops!  I will be busy the next couple of days with  a Shop Hop and then a day of dyeing so it will be the weekend before more progress is made.

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