Saturday, February 4, 2017

Starting on Another One!!

We have been having very un-winter like weather this year but yesterday was rainy and overcast  I liked the look of the basin down at Ft. Fisher though.  I am sure there are lots of birds hiding in those reeds.  

I finally saw my first Horned Grebe but he was escaping fast when he saw my car.  I think the  increased traffic down there is keeping my usual birds to a minimum.

Well the real purpose of this blog is to share the progress on this new quilt which I decided to do on point.  I really liked this series of blue/green fabrics that I did and there were several nice pieces.  However, I decided not to use this format as it just looked too busy to me even though it was fine for the last quilt.  My quilts don't let me have much say in how they want to end up -- they chatter at me until I get it right.

So I went with  only four blocks in the corners.  I surrounded each of these small blocks with a thin strip of the dark green.

I changed out one of the blocks then decided to set all the small blocks in white so here the inside of the quilt is finished and measures about 45 inches square.

Auditioning the outside fabrics and wanted to repeat the colors from the inside but decided that it was too much turquoise.

Decided that I was going to go with the side look which excludes the turquoise.  There is a 1 1/2 inch green, 1/4 inch yellow green and then a 4 1/2 inch strip of other dyed fabric.  I am a little uncertain about not repeating the turquoise but am hoping there is enough in the blocks. I will heavily quilt the white area.  It will be about 63 x 63 when done.  There was a lot of square of the hypotenuse calculations for this one.


Sandy said...

Love that centre. Really pops with the turquoise. Will you use turquoise or variegated thread with turquoise, blue and green for quilting thread? I think it would help to draw the outer squares to be in tune with the inner section.
Sandy in the UK

The Idaho Beauty said...

Love that sliver of yellow-green around the big center square. It will look great in the border to. Really like this color combo. BTW, did some snow dyeing today using your general instructions you posted some time ago. I folded some of the fat quarters, hoping to get some that look even nominally like yours. :-) It's really hard to wait for that snow to melt!

Elizabeth said...

Not quite sure what you meant Sandy but am in the process of changing again although won't be taking the quilt apart, just changing the border selections as the corner squares did need something around them. I do like to have it sitting on the design wall between steps when I am a little unsure. Working my way through all seasons of Midsomer Murders yet again!! Good thing I can never remember whodunit!!