Monday, April 10, 2017

Birds and Other Wildlife at Lisa's New House!

This is the "other" wildlife - Carolina Anole.  Lisa has a ton of these that skitter across her downstairs porch. Unfortunately, anoles are her one cat's preferred brunch o they had better learn to skitter fast. This one is showing his dewlap to square away the other anoles.  In addition to all the green ones, we also saw a brown one with a stripe down its back.

This is one of the two Red-shouldered Hawks that we see every time we are there.  Here he is posing on her pool ladder for me.  We suspect they have a nest nearby as they were caught in the mating act a few weeks ago.

One of the hawks airborne here!

 There is quite a bit of water near Lisa's but still surprised to see a Cormorant drying out on her driveway!!

Hawk was posting on top of a tree in the neighbor's yard.  My husband said he was sitting on my daughter's second floor balcony yesterday when he was there.

No, not in my daughter's yard but in the small pond behind our local aquarium.  I have never seen an alligator there before -- have seen one in the big pond and it was featured on CBS's Sunday Morning in their Minute of Nature a couple of years ago.

I am trying to get pictures of all the birds that frequent her yard even without any bird feeders yet!

 Just another picture of the hawk near the pool house!!

The very common Mourning Dove made an appearance along with Tufted Titmice and Nuthatches.  I also saw quite a few Blue Jays but all were not up for good pictures (just enough to identify them!).

The  first Osprey I  have seen this year flew over Lisa's.

There is a rather large family of Canada Geese who Warren has chased back into the pond a couple of times (they are very messy) but the goslings are cute.  There is also a Great Blue who frequents the pond as well as many Yellow-bellied Sliders (turtles), one of which found its way into Lisa's skimmer in the pool this week.  We pulled out a bullfrog from the skimmer last fall!

Lisa's new house is just beautiful, the modifications inside are almost done and she sold her Charlotte house in less than a day so she will be down here full time soon!

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