Saturday, August 5, 2017

August RAFA Meeting

I can't believe I forgot to take my camera to RAFA this month!!  So all these pictures are from my phone which is okay but not great in this lower light.  This is a quilt by Beth K.

This quilt was done by Marcia B and uses a variety of silk fusion or silk paper fabrics that Marcia created.  Wonderful texture -- inspires me to do some more of that as I have the ingredients as I did this many years ago.

This is one of several pieces that Regina created at QBL this year.

 One of the projects that the group was undertaking was the making of houses to be exhibited at the Global Murmurs exhibition.  This was one of the two houses that Maryanne created.

This is the pattern that Julie had shared with us and told us to embellish freely.  The base for it is Timtex -- a stiff interfacing.

Maryanne overachieved and this was her own design for a house!

Caren shared a piece she started at QBL.  It is of course wonderful as her pieces generally are!!

I showed the pieces that I shared in the last post.  

Because of the lack of a camera, I missed on taking many pictures of projects.  Darn...

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