Sunday, July 23, 2017

Okay, Finally Done with These Pieces!!

First I want to thank my commenters!  I always like to get comments.  

I still had some of these rectangles left and even though they weren't as nice as the others, thought they deserved  chance to be in a piece with proportions that I liked better.  Here were my first choices among my remaining pieces.

I also toyed with doing this as I do want to highlight those two remaining blue pieces and will eventually.  I discarded this idea but will probably try this again when I have painted some more pieces.

Here is the piece completed.  You will note that I replaced one of the red rectangles that I had chosen earlier.  I also though that the 1/4 inch red border would accent it.  You will notice that there is a lot less white on this one and I found it much more pleasing to the eye which led to the following redoing of the two previous pieces that I had finished  (already quilted and bound).

I had liked the thin red strip so much that I decided that I could applique black dividers with red trim between the blocks right over the white.  I literally made tubes and was then going to just sew them down.  It seemed like a good idea but I know to really audition now!

I didn't like it.  The red was too much in this piece (and I knew it would be in its twin horizontal version).

So then I thought maybe just window panes with just the black.  I added black to the edges so that each piece would be framed with the same amount of white figuring I would just applique the tubes down.  Black is very very forgiving unlike white!!  Well, good thing I auditioned as the black border was just much too wide and overpowering.

I ended up appliqueing one inch "tubes" of black between all the rectangles.  Then I just sewed new borders right over what was there, making sure I had about the same border of white.  And here comes the hard part....

I chopped off a good chunk of the existing border and all the nicely sewn on binding!!  Into the trash, but I am much much happier now with the result.  I tried small red borders but the pieces already had more than their fair share of red!

Here is the horizontal piece.  Guess I do have a series here.  I can sleep tonight now.  Those two pieces were driving me crazy as I really liked the painted pieces but didn't like the finished pieces!

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