Monday, July 3, 2017

The Seasons -- a New Project (or the Finish of a Very Old Project!!)

 Still cleaning up the sewing room and finishing up projects started years ago.  The four pieces here were done in a Cynthia Corbin class.  I can't remember what the exercise was but I ended up doing four pieces that looked like the four seasons.  This was fall.  I am basically practicing my free hand machine quilting which has been kind of fun!  Only part left to do on all the pieces is the sky which is small and very easy!!

This is spring.

This is summer.

 This is winter.

I have been trying to decide how to put them together and came up with this using the collage function.  I will put a very slim border of white between the pieces and then border the whole piece in brown probably.  Will be a little tricky to get them together.  I literally used scraps of wool batting for each of these pieces some years ago and the backing and batting for each piece is random in size!   I usually don't like the machine quilting part, but had fun with these!  So it is now called "The Four Seasons" -- very creative....

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