Monday, July 17, 2017

End of Baby Quilts and New Projects

This is all the completed blocks up on my design wall for the disappearing 4 patch baby quilt.  It's a little random as I only used leftovers from the previous projects.

Of course, I went to sleep before I did anymore and decided I would like to expand the size by putting it on point.  Seemed liked it would work and I needed it to be at least 40 inches wide which it wasn't.  I didn't want to make another row of blocks.

Here was my first test and figured it was a go but I did have to make a few more blocks but not as much as I would have with the other orientation.

Well, I got it finished after having to rip out some blocks (of course the same ones) a couple of times.  I am a bit compulsive in some ways!

It's not great but it is okay and the backing is bright and cheerful for both of these.  I even pieced the batting from many random pieces that I have saved.  I am going to keep doing this as it is easy and will get rid of a lot of fluffy random stuff!

Of course I found another bag filled with these 4 1/2 inch by 6 1/2 inch pieces cut from some fabric I had painted and dye painted years ago.  I think I was going to do postcards with these as we had a postcard project at one time in RAFA -- a LONG time ago.  These really appealed to me just sitting against the white design wall.  I had some more of the fabric in the bag so cut as many more pieces as I could of the same size.

This  is most of the pieces.  I ended up with 21 altogether and I really liked them.

I decided I would construct a series of small pieces with a few of the blocks in each one.  I tried surrounding each piece with a small rim of black and that didn't work at all.  I added a 2 3/4 inch border around and between the pieces.  This one was the vertical presentation.  I really sorted through the blocks and did a lot of auditioning to get what I thought was a pleasing arrangement.

I think the black will make a nice frame for the piece though.  I haven't even sewn all the white strips on yet.  I wanted you to have to get close enough to really see the blocks which is why I didn't put all the blocks in one piece.

This is a second set which I will set horizontally.  I still have enough blocks to make at least one if not two more pieces.

Of course, this all has really inspired me to start painting fabric again, something I haven't done in awhile.  Some of these blocks are painted with thickened MX dyes and some with acrylic paints.  It is hard to tell them apart!.  

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