Saturday, July 22, 2017

Almost the End of the Small Projects or Maybe Not........

Well, finally got to quilting the small pieces and did this one first as it was my least favorite of the two.  Even with being very careful, there was still some puckering.  I think my biggest mistake was using the wool batting instead of some of the cotton remnants I had.  Wool is very puffy.  I used an even feed foot on all the lines which did eliminate most of the puckering.  White is very sensitive and shows every bit of mis-quilting!!

This is the second one I worked on and less puckering with this one so I didn't feel the need to tightly quilt around all the rectangles.  I haven't sewn the binding down yet so a littly wiggly around the edges.  Still trying to decide whether I will do quilting within the triangles.  They don't appear to need it.  I do like the images here.

This is a very small piece that just seemed to want to be by itself.  I may add some Sharpie coloring around the yellow as it doesn't show up well against the white -- probably a red.  Didn't realize until I finished the piece that this was the reverse side of the painting!

These are some more blocks that I am contemplating doing another piece with.  I definitely will make the white between the pieces much smaller this time.  Wish I had done that with the second piece but too late now!

These are the original three pieces which I had originally thought I would put together but changed my mind as it didn't look interesting enough.


Sandy said...

I like the last three together. No, they don't shout, but seem to be quietly telling a story about the blue rectangle, which I am calling windows.
Sandy in the UK

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

You are doing a series here and build on each previous piece?