Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Visit with Marcia and Priscilla

This is the view from Marcia's studio (which is to die for) on a rainy summer afternoon.

Although we spent a lot of the day just catching up, Marcia did share some of the projects that she has in process and it was a thrill to see these new pieces.  This one is in the final stages.

This is still in its early stages but I am sure will be just gorgeous when done.  Her pieces are just wonderful and she has won many prizes and has been consistently in many national shows

We were all working on wearables this day.  I took along a weaving from Laos that I bought from Priscilla some time ago as i though it would make a nice jacket although I needed to add to the yardage to make it long enough.  I chose some of my hand dyed sateen that matched the crimson in the fabric as well as a thin layer of black.  I still have to do the hemming and the band that acts as a collar and front.  I am thinking of doing it  little different.  Thanks to Priscilla's suggestions, I centered the two fronts and the back so that the black area was centered on each side and the back has  similar treatment.  I am not sure I would have thought of that.

Marcia and Priscilla were working with huipils that Priscilla had bought in Guatemala and which she sells on ebay.  I have several that I have not used yet.  This is the back of Marcia's work in process jacket.

This is the front of the jacket.  Gorgeous!!  Indigo fabric will finish off the sleeves (matching the bottom pieces).

 Priscilla made pullovers with two of her huipils.  The one above also includes two of her beautiful beaded belts that she buys.

This is the second one just filled with birds (my favorites).  I have four huipils altogether.  One I can figure out how to use but am still a bit stumped about the three others as I may have to cut into the patterns to use them so we shall see.  

This is a closeup of the second one which looks densely embroidered.

This one gives the appearance of almost being needlepoint but isn't.  It is also very densely embroidered.  I have one of this second kind and three of the above type.

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