Friday, July 14, 2017

Disappearing 9-Patch and 4-Patch Baby Quilts

Well, just when I thought I didn't have anymore bags of stuff to complete, I came upon a bag of leftover squares and accompanying fabric from a baby quilt that I made probably ten years ago.  I had thought that just for relaxation (even before I found this bag) that I would do some disappearing 9-patch or 4-patch baby quilts with smaller squares and this fit the bill.  I only had to cut some of the accompanying fabric into squares and some of the bolt of white I always have handy!

This was the first 9 patch cut up.  In the original 9 patch, the kitty fabrics were in the corners, with white between and purple in the middle square.

I have started adding squares to my design wall.  The complication is that the kitties are for the most part directional fabrics to I had to be a little creative in sewing together the 9 patches so they wouldn't all be upside down or sideways when I moved the pieces around.  

The top is pretty much sewn together but not big enough so borders are in order -- just enough so that I can use only one width of the fabric I found for backing -- it has kitties on it too!  I didn't try to place the green, purple or orange squares so it is pretty random as i didn't want to obsess too much!

Added the borders and almost used up the accompanying fabric.  Unfortunately I still had a bunch of squares as well as some of the cut up 9 patches.

So the leftover blocks are being reborn into disappearing 4-patches.  Of course I don't have quite enough for a whole baby quilt and it will be a little random looking, but that's okay!  At the end, I will still have the leftover 9 patch squares but no more random squares.  Here it is with the blocks next to each other..

Here I separated them to see if they would be okay with sashing so I wouldn't have to cut any more squares.

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