Friday, July 7, 2017

July RAFA Meeting and a Couple of Finished Projects

Will start out with a couple of my finished projects which I shared with the RAFA group (as well as all the others pictured in previous blogs!!).  This is the completed Four Seasons.  I actually fused fleece to the brown border print so that there would be batting in that part of the quilt.  I also had to piece in bits of fabric on the back so that everything would join together.  The back is NOT pretty but there are no exposed seams!

This is a very small piece that I did in a class probably 15 years ago.  I have no idea who the teacher was but it seems to be paper pieced.  It will look just fine in a bathroom at the beach.

 Ann Hawkins had five pieces for show and tell.  I just love her work (as well as her personality).  She is another of the snowbirds.  I think we had four or five in the meeting yesterday which was great -- a very good turnout!

This was the second piece.  They seemed to be in a series inspired by different artists.

Certainly reminiscent of the beach in the islands where she spends her winters.

This piece was completed while she was south for the winter and I believe  a prize winner at the recent quilt show.

This was a wonderful piece that took two people to hold it and combines digital images as well as the quilted scenes.  The heads are all pictures of people in Ann's life.  It is so long, she is going to hang it going around a corner of a room!

 This was an incredible work by Regina Sweet.  Too bad Elaine wasn't there to enjoy it!!  Just loved it!!

This was done with inspiration from a class at the quilt show with Susan Brubaker Knapp (host of Quilting Arts) using painted and manipulated tyvek.  Beautiful piece!

This is the beginning of a piece by Barb Seils, another of the snowbirds who, like me, finds it difficult to come inside and do quilting in the beautiful winter weather in the south!

This was a piece created as part of a rather complex round robin that was part of Sarah's Arizona quilt guild.  Each person worked on their own piece but each month had to use a different technique or color, each step determined by what slip of paper was drawn for the month out of a hat.  The ideas had been assembled at the beginning from each person

Sarah does gorgeous beadwork and she claimed  these necklaces were easy but they certainly didn't look easy to me!!
This was a very small painting done on a teabag and attached to card stock by Julie.  We all loved it!

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