Thursday, June 29, 2017

Two More Projects Finished!

I finished the quilting on this piece which is one of my favorites -- just need the right white wall on which to hang it -- even put on a sleeve already!!  It is about 28 x 20 inches.  It was more than a little tricky as everything was fused down and not with  a soft fusible and these had been tossed around my sewing room for probably 15 years!!  Some of the pieces were coming up and turning the seams was a real challenge.  A friend thought I should call it Wild Horses as that is what she saw   I had decided already to call it "Earth, Wind and Fire". I did move the pieces a lot from the last pictures so that there was more of a flow between the black and white and red pieces.

This piece is also finished and is 32 x 18 inches.  I have called it "A River Runs Through It".  You can't see the quilting in this picture but I tried to simulate a stream by do a curvy line of quilting across the light colored pieces and I think it was successful although difficult to get  a good picture.

I darkened the background so you could see the quilting.  I did some seed quilting in the areas that were light but not in the direct stream and I liked it.  Everything was done freehand in both the quilts on my workhorse Bernina 170.  What a treat to quilt on small pieces!!