Monday, June 5, 2017

Genesee Valley 2017 Quiltfest - Part 4 -- My Favorites from all the Categories

It wasn't at all hard for me to pick my favorite from the whole show!!  I immediately chose this one when I went through the show the first time.  It was called Town and Country by Nancy Levant.  I must have a good eye as it was voted the Viewer's Choice award for best quilt!!  It was a block a day quilt in which Nancy participated.  She of course added her own touches.  I fell immediately in love with it and suggested she call it "It Takes a Village".  She liked that idea!!
It is sideways but you can see some of the detail of the blocks here!!

And here.
These are in no sort of order of preference from this point forward and this is a long post as there were so many gorgeous quilts, it was hard to pick favorites.  This one by Leslie Delpopolo had all these tiny tiny blocks.  I believe it won one of the prizes.

This one was by Jackie DeRock and I loved the vibrant colors.  I missed this one the first time through the show!!

This is the detail where  you can see the sparkles!

This beauty was done by Jeanita Lapa and Sylvia Smith (the second name is always the quilter and the first the one who pieced the quilt).  It was started in a Paula Nadelstern class and of course this involves lots of fussy cutting.  It was just beautiful and well thought out.

You have to see the closeup to realize how wonderful these blocks are!

I  loved this one by Beth Kelly!

Ann Nash always has one or two stunning quilts.  This is no exception!!

When I entered the show, this quilt by Pat Berardi immediately caught my attention for its graphic nature and mix of colors.

Loved Vickie Coykendall's horses!!

This incredible "Dear Jane" quilt was done by Anya Tyson!  Wonderful colors!!

 This was by Barbara Grimsley and Debbie Kinney.  These four were more of the Judy Niemeyer designs.  I was sorely tempted to buy one of the patterns but they are paper pieced and I don't enjoy that very much but they certainly are gorgeous!!

 This one was by Barbara Grimsley and Kim Werth!!  Stunning.

This was by Elsie Cond and quilted by someone at the Mt. Pleasant quilt shop where all these ladies took classes I would guess.  It is a huge quilt!!

This was by Mary Ellen Ames and Val Schultz.

This beautiful sampler was by Sandra Buckman and Nick Williams.  Just gorgeous!!  I am running out of words here!

This was by Rita Straubhauer and wonderful colors and movement!

This was by Louise McFayden and Marian Lutz.

This was by Mary Lou Abbott.

This was done by Jean Lemmon.

Loved Faye Thompson's Storm at Sea.  Have always wanted to do this pattern.

This was my favorite of Pat Pauly's wonderful art quilts.

I chose both of Caren Betlinski's quilts to add to my favorites.

Look at the colors in this one -- so subtle and beautiful.

 I think I loved all of Beverly Kondolf's quilts but these two made my pick of very favorites!

Marcia DeCamp also had several beauties in the show but picked two of my favorites here!

I also loved Mary Wieser's piece.  

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Anonymous said...

Simply awesome work by some wonderful quilters. Thank you Beth for sharing with those of us unlucky enough to have been there in person!