Friday, June 2, 2017

Genesee Valley 2017 Quiltest -- Part 1 - Wall Quilts

It has been almost a month since I last posted.  Life caught up with me with a terrible terrible cold which hung on forever, delaying my trip home by a couple of weeks and then I still had to quilt  a quilt!!  Of course the sewing machine decided it wasn't going to cooperate so an emergency visit 2 hours south to the fantastic Penn Yan Sewing Center and it was fixed and the quilt got quilted enough for the show (I'll do more later).  But on to the show!

I decided to break up all the pictures from the show into four groups -- this is the first group which is what I am calling wall quilts.  I don't know whether some of these were entered as art quilts or not as the quilts were mixed together on the walls for this show.  It made for a lovely presentation but was a little confusing if you wanted to pick a favorite art quilt or wall quilt!

This lovely applique quilt is by Judith Craddock. Please forgive spelling errors.  I will try to update the quilts where I don't have the maker's name later.  Also I didn't attempt to get the names of the quilts.

I should note that this was my first time through the show and I may have missed some quilts!!  Unlike other years I didn't take pictures of all the quilts, just the ones that struck my fancy, or that I hadn't seen before, or ones that I was not very familiar with the pattern or kit they came from. (Also forgive the double negative!!)

This small piece is by Ann Nash who is one of our champion quilters.

I have divided the days beyond today into the categories of:  large quilts, art quilts and then finally a day of my very favorites (of the ones I have seen so far).  So keep checking as I might even add to already published pages!!

Mandy Applebee.

Antonia Hering.  This won Best in Show.

Jean Grinnan.  You can kind of tell the relative size of the quilts by the size of the labels.  Our own Chris Wickert inspired this woman.

Judy Harbison -- really liked this one!!

Mary McAvoy.

Also Mary McEvoy.

Mary Shaw

Pattie Fiduccia, one of the Quiltfest chairs!

Terri Cherni.

A closeup of the previous quilt showing the incredible machine quilting!!!

Theresa Antinora

This is Linda Bushart and Peg Whitman.

This is by Jackie DeRock - beautiful!!

This is by Jeanita Lapa.

This is by Lana Wright and Nick Williams.  Nick's quilting is beautiful.

Martha Mosher and Cathy Classic Quilts.

I blew this one up to show Nick Williams fantastic quilting  He also created the top!

Look for Large quilts tomorrow!!

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