Wednesday, June 7, 2017

GVQC Quilt Show Activities -- Round Robin Competition and Fashion Show

On Saturday of the quilt show, we had a Round Robin competition in which I participated as part of Liz Scott's team.  

It started with each of four team members coming with a 12 inch block and a pile of fabrics that ostensibly went with it.  We were also given a mystery fabric from the sponsor (Ivy Thimble Quilts in Victor, NY) which had to be included in the finished quilts.  We then passed the block and the pile of fabrics to the team member on our right.  She would add or change the block and then pass on to the next team member to the right.  This was done three times and we had 40 minutes to add or change the block.  The final blocks were judged as a group of four.

This was Caris Burton's beginning block.

This was my beginning block -- a mandala of course!!

This was Liz Scott's beginning block.  She is just a bit obsessed with Halloween and her accompanying fabrics reflected that!!

This is Julie Grant-Smith's beginning block.

The following collages show the progression of the blocks as we went along.  This of course was the beginning.  My first block to work on was the owl block.

You can see that I immediately cut up the owl and added some black and then the checkerboard using black and the mystery fabric.  I also added some green to square the block up.

The second block I worked on was the bottom right where I cut up the block, added the turquoise strips and thenbroke up the turqouise strips and rearranged things and then added quite a bit on the borders to make it a square again.

These were the final blocks.  I worked on the one in the upper right which I again rearranged and then added curved borders to square it up.  It really should be turned in the picture.  We ended up in second place which was great with nice gift certificates from our sponsor!  I was really a tremendous amount of fun.

These were the blocks done by the team that took first place.

This was the third place winner.

The remaining teams are pictured below.  One team had a handicap as it had two mannequins as participants!!

On Sunday, we had both a morning and afternoon fashion show made up of garments made by club members.  Many learned how to do jackets from Priscilla Kibbee who was an audience member even though she has moved out of the area.  She had several garments in the show as well.  The garments were of all varieties -- quilted, felted, embroidered and knitted. 

This is Jan Detar modelling one of Caris Burton's felted long vests.

 Janet Root had several of her beautiful quilted jackets in the show.  She modeled them the best and so I could get good pictures.  I was back quite a ways and had trouble getting pictures of many of the nice garments.

Here is Donna Patrick modelling one of her beautiful felted vests.

Here is Donna in one of her felted jackets.

 Another of Janet Root's beautiful jackets.

 Yet another of her jackets from the back and front.  She has most of these for sale if there are any left.

Terry Noonan had several beautiful jackets but this was the only one of which  I got even  a half decent shot .

 These last two were by Tina Somerset who teaches some wonderful classes at Patricia's unfortunately all in the winter so I haven't been able to take advantage of them!

 These are panoramic views of the show.  It is certainly one of the biggest (if not the biggest) non-professionally run shows in the country.  We had 600 quilts, 60 vendors (with some as far away as Texas and California) and 8 or 9 busloads from around the area.  We have the show every two years and the next scheduled show in May 31 - June 2 in 2019.  It is in Rochester, NY at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  We even had one quilt that was entered from Holland as people outside the club can enter quilts for a small fee.  I better get to work on those next quilts and maybe a jacket or two for the fashion show!!


Claire said...

Looks like a wonderful show! And all those vendors. Sure puts our area to shame.

The Idaho Beauty said...

What an incredible quilt show! Thanks for sharing so much of it with us. All those gorgeous quilt - makes me want to head to the studio & get crakin'.