Sunday, June 4, 2017

Genesee Valley 2017 - Quiltfest -- Part 3 - Art Quilts

These next three were all pieced by Jill Dosher.  Obviously I was attracted to her quilts.  The first two were quilted by Julie Graziano and the third by Jill.

 These two were done by Bev Kondolf who was one of the co-chairs of this great show,  I think at least one other of hers is in my favorites post (Monday's post),

These next two were done by Karen Sienk.

This was by Elizabeth Falk,

These two were by RAFA member Marcia Birken.

These next two were done by Pat Pauly.  I also have at least one more of hers in my favorites.  She has a magnificent piece in Quilt National this year also.

These next two were by Barbara Grimsley.  This piece was inspired by a class with Pat Pauly (above).

This piece was done by Barbara Grimsley.

This was done by Caris Burton - beautiful and subtle.

This was done by Christine Somerset and just gorgeous!!

Inspired by a door, this quilt is by Gail White.

This piece was by Janet Root. and just glittered!!

This was by Jaye Fishe.

This beautiful piece was by Faye Thompson.

This manipulation of a photo then quilted was done by Elaine Ross.

Vickie Coykendall is one of the most talented of our quilters/artists.  Like a couple of our other members, even her more traditional quilts are works of art.

This is a beautiful remembrance of her dog by Deb Roach.  Look at those eyes!!!

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