Tuesday, June 6, 2017

GVQC -- My Quilts from the Show

Just for record keeping, I thought I would dedicate a blog to the quilts I had in the show.  I had the most quilts of anyone!  This one is called disappearing hexagons.  I will be doing some more quilting on this one as it was barely finished in time for the show.

This was the Petal Quilt.

This was Ode to Albers and looked pretty good in the show.  Of course, it is all my hand dyed fabrics.  Most of the quilts had my hand dyes in them

These are my two mandala quilts that were in the show. 

City Lights.

Birds of a Feather.

These last three were all taken from photos I made in Kure Beach and digitally reproduced on fabric by Julie Brandon and Red Dog Enterprises. 

This is a Great Egret.

This is a Little Green Heron. 
This is a Tri-color Heron.

This was orginally supposed to be in the show but I withdrew it because I couldn't get it to hand straight.  More quilting is called for but it did have a place in the Sew Artistic booth where I sold my mandalas.

All the quilts but the photo quilts had my hand dyes as it turns out!

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Claire Welch said...

I LOVED them and bought 2 of your mandala fabrics. Now to decide what to do with them ... so many ideas running through my head!