Thursday, January 10, 2019

Blueberry Bagels Top Finished and Quilting on Mystery Quilt Begun

All 90 blocks are finally finished and all sewn together!!  Someone on Scrap Enthusiasts (a FB group) said it looked like blue doughnuts but I decided it was more like a blueberry bagel.

The weather was so warm the other day that I could take my 3 30 inch by 72  inch tables outside and spray baste this quilt and the mystery quilt.  These are both really good sized quilts but the tables made it easy.  I used clamps to hold down the quilts in halves as I did the spraying.  It was still pretty back breaking but it was gorgeous outside and it's done.

We are having the unveiling of our mystery quilts in our January QBTS meeting so onward to doing the machine quilting.  I don't have my nice table down here but took two of the above mentioned tables and made an "L" with one in front of the machine and one next to my left side.  Has made life much easier!!

If you look closely, you can see the stitching.  I stitched in the ditch around all these giant blocks to stabilize the whole thing.  I then stitched in the ditch around all the green and added a row of stitching between the two outlines of green.  Then I outline stitched the remaining sides of the yellow and did the machine equivalent of 1/4 inch of hand quilting.  I did a double row of this around all the yellow pieces.  I haven't finished all the yellows yet and then onward to the purple.  I am doing something simple here as well and just doing a double row of stitches outlining the star.  I am keeping the quilting fairly simple here.  This way I won't have to do any more quilting in the light background.'

I will still have to do some quilting in the outer border though but will probably be one of my old standbys as it won't show anyway!!

I already know just how I am going to quilt the bagel quilt which will have more quilting.  

I bought some new rulers for cutting down blocks and was very impressed with the brand which I hadn't seen before -- Arteza.  They were fairly inexpensive and came with sticky dots so they wouldn't slip.  After using a gigundo ruler to cut down all those kaleidoscope blocks, I decided I needed some smaller square rulers which I got on Amazon.


Sandy said...

Love the name! It really works for the circular shapes!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Sandy!!