Saturday, January 5, 2019

Only 24 Blocks to Go!

Quilt definitely progressing despite holidays and general business.

Well, after making 66 of the blocks which did take some time, decided to do some trimming.  I actually developed "rotary cutter thumb" and only did half before calling it a day.  I hate trimming and had a big square ruler which was unwieldy so I promptly ordered some smaller square rulers which will make the job easier as I definitely have enough triangles to make a couple of charity quilts maybe using some different patterns as I get bored easily!!  You can begin to see really how it is going to look.

Had to finally sew some together to see how they would look.  Despite all my careful cutting and steps I still had to pin and pull to get them fairly even.  I have learned a trick with these kinds of blocks.  If there is no quarter inch from the edge to match with another corner, just match further up where the dark and light meet.  You will never notice that the darker fabric doesn't have a nice point to it.

Here are the first 64 blocks that make up whole roles done.  I will be adding enough more blocks to make it 9 blocks wide and 10 blocks long or 85 x 95.  I am thinking I am not going to put a border on this one although a narrow blue one might work.  Didn't seem to look great when put up on the design wall.  I even know exactly how I am going to machine quilt it and bought the batting today!!  Now to get it done, glue basted and under the machine!  I still have the "mystery quilt" in the queue so this will have to wait.  I know how I am going to quilt that one as well.

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